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Newbie here 
11:18am 16/08/2011
mood: worried
Hi! Wondering if this forum is still active? I can searching during this recent fracas at FaceBook. I would like to find (or make) a place people can bookmark to come to, if FB were to crap out.
Got a few minutes? 
05:33pm 26/11/2010
   I'm posting in hopes that a last few days' worth of voting can make a difference. Grayson Humane is near and dear to my heart because the volunteers there work so hard, and it's where we got our sweet Krissie. They've entered a contest on iGive for the possibility of winning a donation. First place is $1,000, 2nd is $500, 3rd is $250, and 4th is $150. However, Grayson is currently in FIFTH place, and it's looking rather grim. If you could see your way clear to vote for them today, and for the next three days, until November 30th, it would be for a wonderful cause. Here is the link to vote: http://www.igive.com/videocontest/?vid=5 and you do have to register, but they don't spam you when you do. Some of the other contestants are using contests and so on to up their vote count, and while Grayson would love to do that, they cannot afford to give out prizes to win. So if you could see your way clear to vote, and to spread the word far and wide to garner more votes, we'd be MOST appreciative.

(Mods, if this is not appropriate, please feel free to delete.)
Olympic Animal Sanctuary 
09:55pm 05/04/2010
mood: excited
Hey! Just spreading the word around, I'm sure you've all already heard a bit about this place (ie Snaps the dog), especially if you're in Washington. This guy's my new hero and he needs/deserves all the donations and support he can get. Please take a moment to check out the website, it speaks for itself :D www.olympicanimalsanctuary.org

X-posted a couple times, sorry for the re-read, tried to keep it short! Let me know if it's outta line to post this here and I'll take it down :)
Bunny time 
09:37am 04/04/2010
  Easter is one of those holidays which always sneak up on me.  I just don't pay attention to it.  I can't count the number of times I have gone out on a Sunday to run some normal errand and discovered that the entire blasted world was closed for the holiday.  Last year I spent the day refreshing LJ, hoping for a post, any post.  So of course, I'm one of the people who got spammed with that horrible dead and tortured rabbits spam. 

This year I realized that today was Easter while I was out shopping yesterday.  And this year, Easter's timing is actually convenient, because we have decided it is time to get Sweetheart a new companion.  In a week, all the bunny rescue societies will be overflowing with unwanted buns.  And they normally get them spayed and neutered before adopting them out, so I won't have to take care of that part myself.  For once, Easter isn't just a pain in the ass for me.
05:02pm 01/02/2010
  An email I received:


I'll be pulling a death row dog this week from King George Animal Control.
There are 3 other dogs that came in with that one & I hate the idea of
leaving them behind but I only have room for 1 dog.

Please spread the word that I will donate $200 to anyone/group who will
take the other 3 (or $75/dog). Transport can be arranged.

Or, if you can foster even 1 for CR!FR, we'll cover all vetting & provide
some supplies.

These dogs are on borrowed time & are too lovely to be killed! Please help
give them an other chance at a happy life! Please contact me or Vicki Tate
at the shelter ASAP if you can help.

Thank You!!

CATS RULE! Feline Rescue >^..^<



I guess it's that time of year when hunters unload the dogs they don't need
anymore. Very sad! King George Animal Control is located in King George,
VA, about 75 minutes from Washington, DC. Please contact Vicki
vl-tate@hotmail (@hotmail.com) if you can help. Transport assistance is

EXTREMELY URGENT! Control#1-11-10-4 Hound mix, male, adult, friendly. I
was picked up as a stray with my 3 friends. I like to walk on a leash. I
need a new home right away please.

EXTREMELY URGENT! Control#1-11-10-1 Hound mix, male, adult, friendly. I
am very sweet and love attention and walking on a leash. It's not so bad
here but I need a new home right away.

EXTREMELY URGENT! Control#1-11-10-2 Hound mix, male, adult, friendly.
They call me "Kite." I don't quite have the hang of walking on a leash but
I am getting better. I am a super sweet, energetic boy and I need a new
home right away.

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Please help these kitties. 
10:16pm 03/12/2009
  My most recent transport was for some kitties from this place: Grayson Humane They are full, in fact, overfull. Their shelter was designed to hold 30 cats, and they currently have 90! (This doesn't include the 30 or so that are in foster homes.) Unfortunately, due to this extreme lack of space, they will need to start euthanizing cats and kittens if they can't get them fostered or adopted, or at least sponsored. Please, if you know of ANYBODY who can help, in any way, please, spread the word.

The email I received tonight...Collapse )

Feel free to cross post this anywhere and everywhere that it might help. If you can help, please contact Grayson directly.

(Cross posted in a bunch of places.)
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So. Calif. Pet page. 
11:56pm 24/11/2009

PETS: San Bernardino, CA.

San Bernardino, California Pet Help. Pet Rescue. Pet Adoption. Pet Fostering. Lost Pets. Found Pets. Dog Play Dates. Feral Cats. http://petssanbernardino.weebly.com/

I know there are a lot of animal cruelty videos around on the net 
09:49am 17/10/2009
  And I know they're hard to watch. This one is in my neighbouring town, Forrest City, Arkansas. I'm a director at the Wynne animal shelter, which is a damn good facility when you compare it to things like this.

The local humane society who put this video out do not want to 'see their town's name scraped through the mud any further' and did not want us to contact the national humane society. The shelter is still operating. The story hit the local news last week, and the president of the board at our shelter is currently talking to the National Humane Society about our course of action. The more public pressure we can put on this the better.

Animal Cruelty Charges were filed against the animal control officer at this shelter, however they did not stick. The Mayor has come out on TV and publicly said he supports the animal shelter, and his animal control officer.

Please spread this video as far and wide as you can. Please call or write to the mayor and tell him that his little city's name IS being dragged through the mud all over america and will continue to be until he takes action. These dogs are suffering. This place has been no more than a place for unwanted dogs to come, to wallow in squallor and sickness until they die. Those that are euthanized quickly are the lucky ones. I've seen several adopted puppies and dogs at our wellness clinic, that have come from this shelter who are very ill. They do not sanitize properly. What looks like parvo that those puppies in the video had, and that kennel is not properly cleaned after the puppies die. Any unvaccinated dog or puppy that goes into that kennel is very likely to get sick also. To kill parvo they need to BLEACH the entire kennel or use parvocide. I heard yesterday that yet more puppies are sick up there and that they were to be euthanized. This place is a death house for dogs.

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This video promotes animal abuse! 
04:16pm 17/10/2009
  Please spread the word. Don't remain a passive witness. Go to this YouTube video and flag it as animal abuse. Please do something.

The owner of this hamster intentially placed the hamster in a situation, where he/she made the hamster tip backwards and hamster's paws got stuck between the piano's keys for at couple of moments. This is NOT a natural position or environment for a hamster.

The most shocking part is that this video received 50,000+ views and a lot of POSITIVE comments. People write that this video is "sweet" and "cute" and completely oversee the fact that hamster's paws got stuck between the piano's keys.

This video also inspires a lot of people to do similar experiments to their hamsters. It's a mild form for animal abuse, yet it's still animal abuse.

Here is the video:

Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9Vi1u0KMq0
01:01pm 29/08/2009
  So, I’m working with a library science class to put together a list of resources for a local dog and cat shelter, preferably in book form. We recently came into some luck and the local public library has offered to buy books, on our class’ recommendation, with their excess budget. Since so many of you seem to own pets, would anyone care to recommend a book on animals that they particularly like, concerning training or picking an ideal first pet?

Mods, feel free to bahleet the crap out of this, if you don't feel it belongs.
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Shelter Community bloggity thing :) 
09:22am 26/08/2009

Hi! My name is Lucy - I'm a director at a no-kill rescue shelter in the town of Wynne, in Arkansas. Our website is over here http://www.wynnefoa.com

We specialize in dogs, and have a small cat facility which mainly takes in the 'emergencies' (we have several Hit By Car kitties) .

We are very proud of what we do, and while we operate on a local level, many of our dogs go out of state to rescue and private adopters. Our area is small, and the number or responsible homes ready to adopt dogs is not equal to the huge numbers of stray and unwanted dogs. So the more publicity we get around the country, the more of our dogs we can find great homes for!

Anyway - I decided to start a community for our shelter. I will be updating it at least weekly with pictures and stories about what is going on in rescue, and in our shelter. I would love for people to add us to their favourites! They can follow it like a blog, and just comment or you are more than welcome to join and post your own rescue stories and discussions.

I think it's important for people who aren't in rescue, to see what we do on a daily basis. That's why shows on animal planet that follow animal rescuers are so great. I think the more we can show people what rescue's everywher do, and how much effort we put into saving animals, the more support we will be able to get.

So please join or add us to your friends list. If you have friends who might be interested, please feel free to pass it on. They don't have to be LJers to follow and comment!

Rescue seeking help so they can continue to save shelter dogs! 
10:28am 09/08/2009

 Like many nonprofit, volunteer-based organizations, NLOL has been hit hard by the recession, putting our mission to save shelter animals in jeopardy. It’s this same economic climate that’s forcing people who were barely scraping by to have to make the heartbreaking decision to give their animals away. As a result, the shelters are more crowded than ever.
Which is exactly why these loving, wonderful animals need your help NOW.
Your contribution, large or small, is our LIFELINE to the at-risk-animals during these difficult and frightening times. New Leash On Life will FIGHT to keep its doors open so that we can continue to help the homeless animals that are dying in shelters every day.  We will FIGHT to keep the Lend a Paw Program alive so that our therapy dogs can continue their weekly visits to hospitalized patients.  We will FIGHT to keep our doors open because the thousands of abandoned and starving dogs desperate for food, love and eventually a home MUST be helped. This is our mission. This is what we do.
Together, we will work to raise $60,000.00.The good news is we’re already half way there. Members of the NLOL Board of Directors have pledged to match all donations DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR up to $30,000 for the next two months. This means by September 15th, 2009, we must raise $30,000 in donations from NLOL supporters like you in order to take advantage of the Board’s matching pledge and reach our goal. It may seem like a lot, but we WILL get there if everyone pitches in.  Whether it’s $30 from 1000 supporters, $50 from 600, $100 from 300 or $1000 from 30, if we do this together, EVERY donation, no matter how small will play a BIG part. The more you’re able to give, the more lives will be saved.

Visit https://newleash.ipower.com/donationform.asp to donate and follow our progress!

09:09pm 30/07/2009
  I AM SO ANGRY AT MY DAD! First he made my mom get rid of her cat Misha (he kept peeing on the couch) and now he's saying she has to get rid of her cat Sasha too. Sasha is a very sweet affectionate cat! He pooped on the floor a couple times, and my dad refuses to try to fix the problem. He wont even put a litter box in the room where he's been pooping. It's a room that's been "claimed" by their dog Ivy and Ivy has been harassing Sasha lately so he might be doing that to claim the room as his own again. JUST TODAY he told me that I have to take him to Pittsburgh to live with me THIS SATURDAY or else he's going to take him to a shelter. I don't want Sasha to go into the shelter system - it's too crowded, I don't want to add to that not to mention the risk of him dying if he ends up in a kill shelter. However my husband does NOT want me to bring him. Four cats in an apartment IS a lot though, and I want to do what's best for Sasha. The only other option is finding someone on my own who can take him in. He's really a wonderful cat, he loves attention and being petted and he was totally clean and tidy until recently when Ivy started bothering him. Is there anyone in the DC area or on the way from there to Pittsburgh OR on the way from Pittsburgh to Toronto who could give him a loving forever home? I love this cat and it kills me to have to rehome him, but he's not welcome in either home =(

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Ginger and 'Dead Dog Beach' 
10:26pm 23/07/2009
mood: cheerful
Hi! I'm new here and just thought I'd share my dog's story.

My family rescued Ginger yesterday from a shelter here in New Jersey. Here's my puppy!

She's a redbone coonhound...we think. She's probably mixed with greyhound as well, but it's all a guess.

Ginger comes from Puerto Rico, from a place called Dead Dog Beach. Maybe some of you, as rescuers, have heard of it...I had never heard of it until I first met Ginger a few days ago. Basically, when a dog is no longer wanted or needed, the owner can take the dog to Dead Dog Beach to abandon it, poison it, kill it, whatever. Anything goes. Dogs have been rescued who are malnourished, scarred from machetes, etc. It's disgusting. I swear, I thought the shelter workers were making this up because it sounded so fake and cruel, but I looked it up on google and it exists. It's sick.

When we first met her on Sunday, she was trembling so violently...but the thing that won me over was that she tried SO hard to be your friend. She would be trembling and sitting close to the floor, but she still walked over to me and put her head between my knees and allowed me to pet her.

Today is the second day of us owning her and she's now completely trusting. She's silly and jumps around with me and plays...and has a love of folk music and reality television. She especially loves Bob Dylan and So You Think You Can Dance...go figure.

Just thought I'd share...if you guys can, try to help out against Dead Dog Beach. Go to www.islanddog.com and see how you can help out other dogs like Ginger.

Peace and love!
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09:55pm 13/07/2009
  I found this article about a man who broke into a county animal shelter in order to rescue 3 dozen cats that were going to be euthanized the following morning. Kudos to him!
Here is the link to the article: Cat-Nabber

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Animal Stories 
03:38pm 08/07/2009
  Calling all rescue stories - we are in need! My husband and I created Rescue Meow -- we post rescue stories from readers of any length, without restriction, as well as photos! If you have the idle time, please check it out! We love stories!
♥ ♥
12:16pm 06/07/2009
  I just joined the group 30 seconds ago because I wanted to share something that happened yesterday that I thought was so amazing and taught me not to judge people by their age or how they look.

My boyfriend and I were at a car show yesterday and decided to walk to the beach to go wading to cool off. The beach had a bunch of things going on since it was the town's celebration day. When we got there, there was a fishing contest for the little kids.  We sat on a bench waiting for the contest to get over so we can go wading.

There was a little boy sitting on the bench next to us, arms crossed and a angry scowl on his face.  He looked like your classic grade school bully.  I thought he was having a tantrum over something for not getting whatever it was he wanted  and didn't really pay anymore attention to him.

When the contest was over, the fish were measured and weighed, then tossed back into the water.  As soon as the fish were released, that angry little boy jumped off his bench and ran to the water. 

After we got our shoes off and made it to the shoreline, I saw something I never expected to see... that little boy was gathering up the fish that were in shock and helpless and herding them them to some shade outside of the swimming area. One fish was in bad shape and the kid had cupped the fish in his hands so it was upright, and was gently moving the fish in his hands back and forth gently to help it get water through it's gills.  The kid refused to give up on that fish either. I have never seen a 9-10 year old boy so compassionate for the life of a fish.

When we finished wading, we were talking about the little boy as we walked back to the car show and the kid's dad overheard us as we walked by him and said "He does that with everything. He hates seeing any animal or bug hurt and will do everything he can to help keep them from dying. He won't give up on that fish until it stops gasping and he is sure it is dead" .  I couldn't have been prouder of that little boy if he had been my own kid...if I had any.
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So. Calif Sweet starved stray cat needs a home 
06:10pm 11/06/2009
San Bernardino

View this Ad: A sweet cat 4 U

01:15pm 10/06/2009
The producers of a new television series on animal hauntings are searching for
new cases all over the country. We are seeking out personal stories of people
whose animals have been affected by paranormal activity or accounts of those
who have seen and heard animal spirits. Your story could be featured on a major
cable network. If you have been personally affected by an animal-centered
haunting or know someone who has, please send an e-mail to
hauntedanimals@yahoo.com with the following information:

Please describe the activity that has been experienced by you or your animals
Do you know the history of the property/haunting?
Do you have a theory on what caused the activity?
Has a paranormal team ever investigated the case?
If so, did they uncover any evidence?

We look forward to hearing from you!
05:52pm 06/06/2009
mood: hopeful
So, I'm sad to say that my step-sister and her husband are looking to rehome their gorgeous husky girl. Unfortunately, Staley has nipped their children twice now and they don't feel it's a safe option to keep her.

Description from my sister:

"She is 7 years old, totally house trained, purebred and spayed. She will require a fenced in yard and can NEVER be off a leash. She needs a home that has no other dogs or cats and children must be older than 6 with no plans for more children."


The dog is food protective.

My sister is willing to drive within 50 miles to a rescue.

Basically, my sister and her husband are wary about rehoming the dog themselves. They're afraid they won't have time to properly screen adopters, and they definitely don't want her to go to a bad home. What they're looking for is a good rescue that can screen for them or take the dog and adopt her out. If anyone knows of a good rescue in Maryland that could do such, it would be much appreciated.

My experience with Staley while being around her myself is that she is a very, very affectionate and loving dog. She's also pretty well trained and obedient, though she does have that typical husky stubborn streak to her here and there. My sister describes her as a fairly low maintenance dog.

Staley pictures!Collapse )

If you have any information for me, please leave a comment or email me at darksong17[at]gmail.com and I will forward any information to my sister.

X-posted lots
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